The Combination on How to Make Glass in Little Alchemy


How to make glass in little alchemy? For player who has high interest in finding all combinations in the Little Alchemy game, knowing all the possibility might be one crucial thing he or she needs to know. If you feel that you are the one as well, or are in needs of completing it, here is a little hint for you.

How to Make Glass in Little Alchemy

The combination on How to Make Glass in Little Alchemy

If you wished to have glass on your Little Alchemy, there are two possible combinations, which you are free to choose. In the first number, you can combine fire and sand. If you do not have both of these matters yet, find the right combination to create it. If you could not fulfill the previous two things, you can also take the second combination. Here, you can change the fire with electricity. In other words, if you want to have glass, sand is the most important material you must have.

The combination of glass

After you have glass, you will open endless possibilities of having many other things; for example hourglass, aquarium and glass house. Hourglass is made of sand and glass. To have aquarium, you only need to combine glass and water. Even so, it is not the only way to make aquarium. If you do not have water but you have fish, you can use fish as well. It will result in aquarium too. Meanwhile, the glass house is made of glass and plant. Besides that, you can also get time if you have sand glass and glass then combine it altogether. For crystal ball, you need to mix glass and witch, while prism is made of glass and rainbow. For an addition, you can also have telescope by combining glass and star.

Those are all combinations, which is possible on how to make glass in little alchemy.