The Combinations on How To Make Fruit in Little Alchemy


How to make fruit in little alchemy? This type of question might be the most common one to pop up in every player’s mind when he or she is playing the game. Are you a maniac of Little Alchemy as well? Do you want to win every stage easily? If you ever had obstacles in finishing this game, a little help is never wrong to take. Here we will share you a few hints of this game. To be more precise, this article will let you know the secret of making fruit in this game.

How To Make Fruit in Little Alchemy

The combination on How To Make Fruit in Little Alchemy

There are two combinations, which you can have to get fruit in Little Alchemy. The first combination requires you to mingle tree and farmer. Just like in reality, farmer who takes a good care of his plants will also have harvest in the future. Meanwhile, the second combination needs to mix sun and tree. Again, this logic is just like what you can find in real life. Enough sun will help tree to produce its own food, which means that it can produce flower, fruits, and many more.

The combination of fruit

Now, after you have fruit in your Little Alchemy, you can combine it with other substances to make another new thing. If you combine fruit and alcohol, you will get alcohol in return. When you combine fruit and blender, you will get a delicious and healthy smoothie. Moreover, combining fruit and dough altogether will result in delicious pie, while the mix of fruit and energy (E=mc²) will get you sugar. On the other hand, the combination of fruit and field will give you vegetable. Last, combine fruit and monkey if you wished to have banana in this game.

Those are all combinations, which is possible on how to make fruit in little alchemy.