Find Out How to Make a Field in Little Alchemy


How to make a field in little alchemy is another question asked by many users of little alchemy. Since this game has been played widely, there are also many questions related to making new elements. As we know, there is a list of achievements when you play the game, like making 200 elements and so on. That is why the users try their best to make new elements every time. It seems like another boring game, but you really have to try it by yourself and feel the sensation. It is lots of fun. Here are ways of making a field in little alchemy.

How to Make a Field in Little Alchemy

Ways of How to Make a Field in Little Alchemy

Have you had a field in one of your elements? If you haven’t had it, you might want to add it as your collection and who knows, you can add your achievement. Let’s check how to make a field. There are two ways of making it and both of them need earth element. Do you have earth? If you do have it, you can just combine it with tool or farmer. You can choose one of them depending on what you have. That is a simple way of making a field.

Get More Elements by Combining Field

When you already have a field later, try to make many elements from it. There are six new elements that you can add to your collection, like crow, tractor, wheat, orchard, vegetable, and farmer (if you haven’t had this one). Making a crow needs a bird and making a tractor needs a car. You can make an orchard by combining field with fruit tree. You can also have vegetable by combining field with fruit. If you haven’t had farmer, you can make one by combining human with field. After you have farmer, you can combine it with field again to make wheat. That’s all you need to know about how to make a field in little alchemy.