Get to Know How to Make a Baby in Little Alchemy


How to make a baby in little alchemy cannot be found easily. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it. There is a way you need to know about making a baby, but you still need several elements for making this baby. What are they? Let’s check the way below.

How to Make a Baby in Little Alchemy

Combine These Elements and Go Get a Baby in Little Alchemy

As mentioned before, you will not find a way of making baby in little alchemy easily. So, here is way of making it and add it into your collection. You might be able to get other elements too while trying to make a baby. That will take your time, but you will satisfy of making several elements. You only need to be patient. Like other elements, you need two elements of making baby and they are sex and life. Combining those two will give you baby element.

Be Patient. Here are Long Processes of How to Make a Baby in Little Alchemy

You can combine sex and life to make a baby. Making life is easier than making sex. Life only needs combinations of swamp and energy. Getting energy is very easy since it only needs combination of some basic elements like air and fire, or plant and sun. Making swamp is similar. It needs combinations of mud and plant, or mud and grass. They are just steps of making life. How about making sex? Sex comes from man and woman. Making man, you need combinations of life and beast. Beast comes from earth and lizard. Lizard itself can be made from swamp and egg. In making egg, there are several ways, like combining life and stone, two birds, or two turtles. Wow, there are many processes, aren’t they? Those are just for making man.

If you want to make woman, you need combinations of man and milk. The combinations of making woman will be not that difficult like making man. That’s all enough for now and this is the end of how to make a baby in little alchemy.