Do You Know How to Make a Bee in Little Alchemy? Here is the Way


How to make a bee in little alchemy has been searched a lot in any search engine. Do you already have a bee? Or you are still trying to look a way of making it? It is surely pretty difficult to make and people try to look for any guide to make this element. Don’t worry about it. You will still find the answer by looking up on internet and here a way of making a bee in little alchemy.

How to Make a Bee in Little Alchemy

How to Make a Bee in Little Alchemy

You might want to have additional elements again for your collection. If you haven’t had a bee, you can try to make this one. You only need to combine flower and wild animal. Although it looks so simple, get a flower needs a long process. Making a flower needs combination of plant and garden. In addition, making plant is easy since you only need rain and earth. Once you have plant, you can combine plant and plant to make a garden. How about wild animal? It is also pretty difficult to make. Wild animal comes from forest and life. Forest itself comes from combinations of two trees while the tree comes from plant and time. Making life is much easier than making forest anyway since you only need swamp and energy.

Get Additional Elements by Combining Bee

It is always interesting to see what we can get more by combining elements we have. Once you have bee, you can get more elements. Firs element that you can get is honey. If you want to make honey, you can just combine bee with flower. Having bee means you can also have a beehive. There are two ways of making it. The first one is by combining bee with house and the second way is combining bee with forest. Last one, you can get honey and wax by combining bee and beehive. Here is the end of how to make a bee in little alchemy.