How to Make Blade in Little Alchemy Easily


How to make blade in little alchemy seems to be a good guidance on helping you to play this unique game. There are some formula to form and make blade in this game. When you play it, you shouldn’t glue at one formula, it is good to try and apply some formula in this game.

How to Make Blade in Little Alchemy

What is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is an online adventure game that can be played freely on online game. This game has logic formula and simulation. In this game, you need to combine and blend the element to create a different and better composite. It contains land, earth, fire, water, wind, doctor, and many more elements in this game. As you combine a particular element to the others, it doesn’t always make the same composite. It makes you more creative when you play this game because you need to choose the right formulation for a certain composite.

The Formula on How to Make Blade in Little Alchemy

Playing little alchemy requires patience and cleverness. It is applicable on how to make blade in little alchemy. You should find the right formula to make a particular composite, in this case blade. There are actually several formula to form blade. You can combine metal and stone. Those are the major formula on blade formation. After you form the blade, you can explore it to be the other composites.

What Does Blade Make in Little Alchemy Guide

  • Blade + Airplane = Helicopter
  • Blade + Blade = Scissors
  • Blade + Cow = Leather
  • Blade + Doctor = Scalpel
  • Blade + Electricity = Blender
  • Blade + Glass = Blender
  • Blade + Grass = Scythe
  • Blade + Gun = Bayonet
  • Blade + Hospital = Scalpel
  • Blade + Human = Blood
  • Blade + Livestock = Meat
  • Blade + Metal = Sword
  • Blade + Paper = Confetti
  • Blade + Pencil = Pencil Sharpener
  • Blade + Pig = Leather
  • Blade + Pumpkin = Jack-O’-Lantern
  • Blade + Star = Shuriken
  • Blade + Steel = Sword
  • Blade + Wheat = Scythe
  • Blade + Wood = Axe

Those are some examples of blade element to form the other composites in Little Alchemy.