How to Make a Light on Little Alchemy?


Some of you might familiar with this game, however there are some people who are not familiar with this game. Little Alchemy is very simple game yet creative which is based on mixing or combining elements. Once you had combine, them a new thing would be created as well. Of course, you are able to download this game on iOS, Android and your online browser as well. Then you are able to get your best creative juice by mixing up several new elements on it. You might wonder on many things, such as how to make light on little alchemy? How to make a sea on little alchemy? And more.

How to Make a Light on Little Alchemy

Combining the Elements

You can choose your elements in Little Alchemy on the right side of toolbar. In the beginning, this toolbar only has four elements, they are: fire, water, earth and fore. When you start to play, you can choose one of those elements and experiment. The air element was formed small dashes inside the square area. It also has light blue color like the air visualization. Then you can choose an earth element which is formed like small piece of land along with brown color in the bottom and green like grass on the top. The water and fire were both can be recognized easier. You can choose a fire icon with red flame and white icon which is shaped similar to droplet. This game is so exciting because you will explore your mind and try something new.

If you already play this game and wonder about how to make light on little alchemy, then you try them below:

How to Make a Light on Little Alchemy?

  • Light Bulb + Electricity = Light
  • Electricity + Flashlight = Light

You can use those combinations to make a light in Little Alchemy. There are more combinations were created when you play this unique game.