How to Make a Sea on Little Alchemy? Check Them Below


In Little Alchemy game, you will combine new elements in order to create more advance thing, then you can move up from based four elements they are: water, fire, earth and air to dinosaurs, hurricanes, sea, light, rainbow and more. This is simple, right? The best thing is you are able to do anything with your creation and you will feel satisfy of being created. Sometimes it sounds hard to believe that you will create new things only with some elements and could be so fulfilling as well. If you are never tried this game, you will enjoy once you enter it. Well, if you wondering about how to make sea in little alchemy? Then you can check them below.

How to Make a Sea on Little Alchemy

The Little Alchemy is easier to get it because of you have a lot of play options. So, this game is available on iOS, Android and online browser as well. Even you are also able to play this game through several platforms by create an account and your workspace will be synchronized in place that you are playing.

How many items in Little Alchemy

There are 560 of available elements plus 9 of Hidden Gem as well. There is separated version for desktop as well. However you can get best excitement through this game because of this game is so creative and simple. However, final elements cannot be combined with other things. They are the top of combination itself.

As mentioned above, if wonder how to make sea in little alchemy, check them below.

How to Make a Sea on Little Alchemy?

  • Big + Lake = Sea
  • 2 x Lake = Sea
  • Ocean + Small = Sea
  • Lake + Water = Sea

You can use those elements above, there How to Make a Sea on Little Alchemy. Happy trying!