How to Make Sun in Little Alchemy with Two Different Elements


How to make sun in little alchemy is easy to answer. Basically, you have to combine fire and sky to create sun. The main problem is that you have to prepare the sky element. Let’s learn it step by step so you can make sun and get new element only by combining fire and sky.

How to Make Sun in Little Alchemy

How to Create Fire in Little Alchemy

You don’t have to think about fire element because you already have it from the beginning of the game. Fire is one of primary elements in little alchemy. You just drag fire and combine it with the other elements to create a new element.

How to Create Sky in Little Alchemy

Instead of thinking about how to create fire, let’s prepare the sky because it is the most important element of how to make sun in little alchemy. The first thing is dragging air element. Just like fire, air is a primary element in little alchemy so you don’t have to create it. Then, you have to combine it with cloud. To make cloud, just drag one more air and then combine it with steam. There is no steam on the element bar option so you have to create it first. To create steam, you need two different primary elements. Those are water and fire. Just combine those two elements and you get steam.

In conclusion, what you have to focus on when you want to make sun in little alchemy is how to make sky. In short, you need to prepare fire, cloud, steam, and water. It seems a little bit complicated to create sky but it is fun to combine the steps above slowly. When you have fire and sky element, you get the answer of how to make sun in little alchemy. The most important, finally you got a new item, a beautiful sun! You may create new element after receiving sun element.