Tips on How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy


Are you wondering of how to make plant in Little Alchemy through the easiest way? Well, you are not the only one to ask that question. There are many people out there who have the same questions as yours. That is not surprising since playing Little Alchemy is very thrilling. You will not be satisfied till you finish all the stages. Well, here are some tips you can try if you want to make plant to accomplish the game’s levels.

How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy

Basic Combination on How to Make Plant in Little Alchemy

Just like the other challenges we can find in Little Alchemy game, there is also basic combination for making plant in this game. The combination involves rain and earth. Just like the biology lesson we get in school, we know that there will be earth and rain needed if we want to grow a plant. Based on that logical thinking, the combination really makes sense. Using that basic combination is not the last thing we can do in the game. The plant you make can be mixed with the other elements to create new things. It is really great, isn’t it?

What You Can Do with the Plant You Make in Little Alchemy

It has been stated before that there are many things you can create from the plant you make in Little Alchemy. This makes the game more interesting and challenging. Here are some examples of the combination of plant with the other elements for you. They are the combination between plant and carbon dioxide. The combination will result in oxygen. The next example is the fusion of plant and cat that becomes catnip. Another combination you need to know is the combination between plant and cloud. Can you guess what will it be? Yap, it will be cotton. Isn’t it great? Challenge yourself on how to make plant in Little Alchemy and see what you can do with that!