Two Combinations on How To Make Life in Little Alchemy


How to make life in little alchemy? If you are now playing the Little Alchemy game, you might wonder on how to have or create life in this game. Yup, Little Alchemy is a type of games, which involves any kinds of substance or material in your everyday life. As a player, you need to combine one thing with another to get a new thing. If you found difficulties in making life in this game, here is a little help for you.

How To Make Life in Little Alchemy

The combination on How To Make Life in Little Alchemy

Just like on how to make fruit, there are two combinations, which you can use to get life in Little Alchemy game. The first combination requires you to combine energy and swamp. Meanwhile, the second combination needs to mix time and love. Well, actually it does not have much different if you use the logic in reality. When you are in love with someone, you must be able to feel the power he or she gives to your life. Besides that, the longer time you spent together, your relationship will step up in a stage that is more serious. In short, you will have a new life (baby) in your small family.

The combination of life

Now, after you have known how to make life in little alchemy, you can combine it with other substances to make another new thing. If you combine life with water, it is just the same as you create plankton. When you combine life with sky, you will get bird in return. The combination of life and earth will create human, while the mix of life and stone will get you egg. For an addition, you can combine life and rainbow to have unicorn, or mix life and wood if you want to have pinnochio.

Those are all combinations, which is possible on how to make life in little alchemy.