Do You Want to Make a Star in Little Alchemy? Here is How to Make Star in Little Alchemy


How to make star in little alchemy triggers curiosity of some people since it is not really easy to make. However, you can hit the button of hint if you are stuck in playing this game. This simple game rated for 12+ is fun and challenging. This game will make you curious to see what will become from elements that you combine. It is safe for kids to play the game as there is nothing to worry about. In addition, little alchemy gains a good rating and reviews from many people who have played it. Basically, this game asks you to find as many elements as possible by combining the basic elements given. There is also list of achievements you have made so far to give you motivation for achieving as many as possible.

How to Make Star in Little Alchemy

Two Combinations of Making Star in Little Alchemy

Here is we talk about making star in little alchemy. There are two combinations for making star and you can choose one of them by looking at the elements that you have. The first one is the combination of sky and night. Try to see whether you have these elements or you haven’t. If you have those two, try to combine them to make star. The second combinations are night and telescope. If you don’t have sky while you have night, you can just combine night with telescope. Make sure you have at least two of these three elements: sky, night, and telescope. If you only have one, try to combine elements to get the elements you need.

What to Do Next with Star?

Once you have star, you can make more elements by combining it with other elements you already have. You can have six additional elements if you combine star with blade, explosion, fish, ocean, moon, glass, sea, pressure, sky, tree, and sun. Try to check it to see what you can get. Hope you like what we have shared with you on how to make star in little alchemy.